I Can’t Wait To Inspire You!

Since the beginning of time, we human beings have inspired each other through sharing our visions, passions, and stories.

My passion is to inspire people to overcome generational pain, to understand its shame and trauma, and to awaken to forgiveness and healing: this is a vision I hold for the world.  

We all carry within us the resonance of what has touched our lives. Do you remember a time when someone spoke to you and their words rang true for you? Millions of us have experienced emotional pain and shame but rarely speak about how it has shaped our lives. How healing it would be if we all shared our hidden emotions! 

My life’s purpose is to reveal the healing magic of Awakened Forgiveness™ to communities, small and large, and to awaken what lies in our hearts—a longing to know that our lives matter, regardless of past circumstances. 


Here are topics I’m inspired to share with you…

 How We Heal the Shame Narrative

 Finding Hope in Generational Grief 

 You Can’t Forgive What You Don’t Understand 

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