Awakened Forgiveness™


Are you ready to release the old shameful wounds

of the past and embrace self-love and healing?

It all begins within…

An Awakened Forgiveness™ Retreat is designed so that together, small, intimate groups of women can create a sacred space in which to heal and transcend generational wounds. Whether we meet in a country house in Ireland, a villa in Tuscany, a mountain sanctuary or a yoga studio, our Awakened Forgiveness™ Retreats promise a peaceful, empowering, and uplifting experience.

 Discover the insight, freedom, and healing that comes through sharing the stories we carry within us. 

 Enter your heart, identify the impact of hidden emotions, tap into your precious vulnerability, and revel in the wisdom of your truth.

 Learn practical methods to embrace, trust and awaken forgiveness and healing.

 Leave confident and inspired to live your one beautiful life!


To gather and share your truth, to not be afraid to feel the feelings— this is how you will understand forgiveness, soul-nourishing healing, and unconditional love. 

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