Are you ready to stop bringing yesterday’s shame and pain into today and heal your heart?

Do you believe you can heal?

I was walking with a shameful saboteur—generational grief—for a very long time. I stored painful memories, struggled with heartache, and longed for peace and healing. I searched yet could not find what I was looking for. How could I break through the obstacles of painful emotions and wounding that had become my guidance system? I longed for a compassionate way to heal.

Our hearts and bodies are our storytellers. When we decide to enter our hearts to recover our self-worth and heal ancestral shame, we allow ourselves to release the past, embrace a new way of being, and empower a loving relationship with self.

I was divinely inspired to go within, to the depths of my heart, to uncover my stories and move through them to heal. I mentor women just like you who desire to heal from the inside out. I want to share with you how my heart healed so you can heal too.

I will assist you in…

 Learning how to uncover the feelings you couldn’t face and embrace the layered shame that has been holding you back.

 Stepping away from your woundedness to reveal the gem you truly are and mastering Awakened Forgiveness™. 

 Seeing that you are more than worthy and owning your divinity. 

 Experiencing the freedom and self-love that comes the moment you begin to heal.

How do we work together?

I offer a complimentary, 20-minute introductory consultation to discuss the Awakened Forgiveness™ Process. Mentoring sessions are available virtually via Zoom. This platform allows you to experience and integrate healing into your lifestyle from anywhere.

I’d love to assist you on your journey to becoming a woman who radiates with fearless confidence and self-love.

“I am constantly in awe of Karen’s intuitive healing process. It isn’t always easy to allow yourself to revisit the past. With Karen’s gentle and steadfast ability to guide me through this process of generational grief, I grasped the urgency within me to discover what would set you free. Through Karen’s own vulnerability, I found mine. Thank you so much, Karen so much for your invaluable guidance.”

Wendy Price 

“When Karen began to share the process of Awakened Forgiveness and Healing Generational Grief with me, I realized how deeply this grief had affected my family’s life and mine. Why had I never heard of generational grief? I found Karen’s guidance in identifying the sources of my life-long wounds invaluable. It’s a solution that has freed me and, better yet, sustained itself. I cannot thank Karen enough!”

Francesca Riccobono  

“Let Karen’s compassion, wisdom, insights, and Awakened Forgiveness™ guide you out of the bondage of emotional pain. I wholeheartedly recommend what she can help you to do. Karen, as the saying goes, is the real deal. She has helped me throughout the years with her intuitive insight and more. I know she can help you too.”

Karen Nowak 

“Mentoring with Karen has felt like a present that the universe somehow dropped into my lap. Her guidance with understanding my trauma, fear, and grief is transforming my ability to stay connected with myself. Karen has showed me just how critical uncovering the past, forgiveness, and self-acceptance are to our well-being. It has reminded me that self-love and shining my light is how I connect to the world around me.”

Ashley Curcio 

“If you are lucky enough to call Karen your friend, mentor or even if you’ve just happened to cross paths in a coffee shop, you will not soon forget her bright generous spirit. Her light shines so brightly you can almost see her coming from afar. Karen fearlessly shares her dedication to help those who strive for new pathways to growth, fulfillment and freedom from emotional shame, pain and generational trauma. What a gift Karen Morrissey has been to me!”

Jane Ramsey